Book Binding Workshop with Alan Jeffrey

Is it possible to learn how to bind a book from scratch in a day? Yes, it is, under the superb supervision of Alan Jeffrey, who is in charge of the Bindery at the Brenthurst Library (and also a former orchestral oboist!).
一日で手作りの本作りを学ぶことができるだろうか? オッペンハイマー家の私設図書館「ブレントハースト・ライブラリー」で製本・保存を担当する(そして元オーケストラのオーボエ奏者!)アラン・ジェフリー氏に教わってきた。

Book Binding Workshop01First we tore a sheet of paper into a certain size and folded each piece in four, carefully following Alan’s instruction.

Book Binding Workshop02Done! 全部ちぎって重ねたところ。

Book Binding Workshop03…then, binding with a needle, string and cord.

Book Binding Workshop04Done! 針仕事完了。

Book Binding Workshop05…next, making a cover from another sheet of paper.

Book Binding Workshop06Book Binding Workshop07Done! カバー完了。

Book Binding Workshop08Lastly, I sewed a cyanotype print, quickly created with plants in the garden, onto the front cover.

Book Binding Workshop09This will be the guest book at my next solo exhibition!

Book Binding Workshop10The workshop was organised by Alternative Print Workshop.

Book Binding Workshop11

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