The Moment at SoMa

The Moment, my latest group exhibition, opened last night at SoMa Art + Space in Maboneng, Johannesburg’s trendiest art centre.

SoMa website

from the website


SoMa is a relatively new art gallery, located in Maverick Corner, which also houses a boutique, a shirt maker, a bicycle shop, an Ethiopian restaurant and a vodka bar.


Lenins Vodka Bar

Here is the entrance.

SoMa outside

SoMa entrance

The inside is surprisingly spacious – 135 square metres in total (55 square metres downstairs and 80 square metres upstairs).

SoMa downstairs


Soma Upstairs



The other nine artists are all young Africans, powerfully depicting life and thoughts that are relevant to them.

The Moment 1

THe Moment 2

The Moment 3

THe Moment 4


The exhibition runs until 26 June.

The moment June 2016

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