Art & Music at NABE

On a Sunday during my solo exhibition in Tokyo, I had an amazing collaboration with top Japanese classic musicians. 個展期間中の日曜日、日本が誇るクラシック演奏家とのコラボを行った。

Wild At Heart + Le Carnaval Des Aminaux

Six musicians and 25 guests filled the small venue. Such wonderful intimacy! 6人の音楽家と25人の観客が小さい会場を埋める。心地よい緊密さ。

The music was specially arranged for this concert by an up-and-coming composer Tahahiro Tsuji. 楽曲は新鋭の作曲家、辻峰拓氏がこの日のために特別に編曲!

The event kicked off with a conversation between me and Sutoh Michiyo, the violist, about my paintings of animals in kimono and the music which was going to be played that day. まずはヴィオラの須藤三千代さんと、私の作品や今日の出し物について語り合う。



The first piece was Vivaldi’s “Autumn”, followed by “The Carnival of the Animals (Le carnaval des animaux)” by Camille Saint-Saëns. 続いて、ヴィヴァルディの『秋』。そして、メインの出し物、カミーユ・サン=サーンス『動物の謝肉祭』。



Among the paintings in the exhibition, the elephant, the kangaroo and the swan appear in “The Carnival of the Animals”. 今回の作品中、『動物の謝肉祭』に出てくるのは、ゾウ、カンガルー、そして白鳥。


Here is everybody’s favourite, “The Swan”. 誰もに愛される『白鳥』の演奏。


It was such a fun and fulfilling day! 心満ち溢れる、楽しい一日でした。

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