Spring has come to my studio

Spring has come to my studio! アトリエに春到来!

my studio from the garden

my studio from the garden アトリエを庭から見たところ

The creeper on the left is granadilla, which has already borne a few fruit. 左の蔓(つる)植物はグラナディラ。


lemon flowers

lemon flowers レモンの花


tomato flowers

tomato flowers トマトの花


grenadilla flower

granadilla flower グラナディラの花



lavender ラベンダー


spring 2017-06


spring 2017-07



jasmine ジャスミン 


spring 2017-09


spring 2017-10


spring 2017-11



rose バラ


spring 2017-13


spring 2017-14



Very confused camellia due to late rain and warm winter 季節外れの椿


spring 2017-16


spring 2017-17


yesterday today tomorrow

yesterday today tomorrow


southern masked weaver

male southern masked weaver


southern masked weaver's nest

southern masked weaver’s nest 上の鳥の巣


spring 2017-21

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