Ten days to the opening of my upcoming exhibition

“Suteru kami areba hirou kami ari” – a Japanese proverb that means “when one god tosses you away, another god picks you up”, that is, “when one door shuts, another opens.”

After some snags and headaches, preparation for my upcoming show “Ethiopia: A Photographic Exhibition” is on the right track again, thanks to His Excellency Mr Shigeyuki Hiroki, Ambassador of Japan to South Africa, and Mr Takeo Hata, Managing Director of FUJIFILM South Africa. While many people are “all talk but no action”, Ambassador Hiroki is a talk-and-immediate-action man.

Fujifilm printer

This jumbo-size invitation was printed today.


Some asked me, “why are you having an exhibition at a synagogue?”

I am honoring a long history between the people of Ethiopia and the people of Israel, which goes back to Queen Sheba and King Solomon.

The opening reception is on Sunday 4 March 2018, from 17:30 to 19:00. Ambassador Hiroki will kindly open the exhibition.

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