Opening of my photo exhibition: Ethiopia

My first photographic exhibition started on Sunday 4 March.

photo exhibition venue RCHCC

Venue: RCHCC, Great Park Synagogue, Johannesburg

I visited Ethiopia in September/October 2017 with members of the South African Archaeological Society. The group landed in Addis Ababa and travelled through northern Ethiopia for two weeks – from underground churches in Lalibela to Axum, where the Ark of the Covenant is believed to be kept, to Africa’s highest lodge (3260m) in the Simien Mountains National Park, and to the outlet of the Blue Nile.

Ethiopia exhibition panels

explanation panels at the exhibition

The exhibition, showcasing 50 photographs from the trip, was opened by His Excellency Mr Shigeyuki Hiroki, Japanese Ambassador to South Africa.

Ambassador Hiroki's speech

Ambassador Hiroki's speech 2

Dr Bernard Levinson, a renowned psychologist/sexologist, poet and sculptor, who is my tai chi friend, kindly agreed to be the MC.

Bernard's speech

His Excellency Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam, Ambassador of Ethiopia to South Africa, could not make it due to other commitments, but Mr Yohanes Altamo, Councillor in charge of public relations, read the ambassador’s speech on his behalf.

Yohanes's speech

Mr Reinoud Boers of Fox Tours and Books talked about the South African Archaeological Society and the tours he has organised for the society.

Reinoud's speech

All the photographs are High Definition inkjet prints on matte paper, printed by FUJIFILM (printer: FUJIFILM Dry Minilab Frontier DL600). FUJIFILM also provided mounts, free of charge.

Fujifilm in Axum

FUJIFILM is active in Ethiopia too

As the borrowed frames couldn’t be altered or pricked, hanging the photographs was quite a challenge. After trials and errors, I attached light metal hooks on the back of the mounts with sticky tape. The hooks were created for the exhibition by World Power Products (Pty) Ltd. without charge.


Another headache was wine as kosher wine is much more expensive than non-kosher one of a similar quality. Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd. generously sponsored wine.

kosher wine

Big thanks to all those who made this exhibition possible and to all the visitors.

Ethiopia opening visitors

Ehiopian guest

For more photographs of the opening, click here. The beautiful page was compiled by Mr Takeo Hata, Managing Director of FUJIFILM South Africa.
group photo

The exhibition closes on Sunday 6 May.


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