Martial Arts Classes

Tai Chi and Ryukyu Kobujutsu are an excellent way to improve and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. If you cannot make physical classes or don’t want to learn complicated forms but are still keen to do light and relaxing exercise, a virtual Qigong class is just for you.

tai chi kobujutsu photo

VENUE 1   Japanese School, 12-20 Caledon Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

Mondays & Wednesdays
Tai chi17:30-18:10
Ryukyu kobujutsu18:15-19:05
Tai chi19:10-19:50

VENUE 2   Glenshiel, 19 Woolston Road, Westcliff, Johannesburg                                         flyer photo2

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Tai chi8:00-8:40

VIRTUAL CLASS  30-minute Qigong
30 minutes of breathing and stretching exercises for body and mind

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8:30-9:00 am (South African Time; UTC+2).
Each session is cloud-recorded and available to view and practice wherever and whenever you like.


Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art, known for its gentle, graceful, flowing movements. It is relaxing, mindful and low-impact, and helps you to gain better co-ordination, flexibility, stability and peace of mind. It is safe and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The President of the International Tai Chi Society, the oldest running tai chi school in South Africa, is Edward Jardine. In addition to branches in South Africa, Master Jardine’s students teach in the US, the UK, Australia, Greece and Finland.

Ryukyu kobujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art, developed in Ryukyu Islands and consisting of both empty-hand and weapon techniques. Emphasis is on timing and techniques, rather than physical power – an ideal martial art for women and the young at heart!

Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinkokai (the Society for Promotion and Preservation of Ryukyu Classical Martial Arts) has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and more than 20 international branches. The South African branch, led by Lee Jardine, is one of the oldest and largest in the world.

Masako Osada has been practicing tai chi and ryukyu kobujutsu over 25 years. She holds the 4th dan rank both in karate and weapons.


I Love Tai Chi (Masako’s facebook page on martial arts and physical/mental/spiritual wellness)
Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai (Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan)
International Tai Chi Society

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