About Me

Born and raised in Japan, I later moved to the United States and then to South Africa, while travelling extensively, from the Bornean jungle and Antarctica to the remotest island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Probably because of my vast international travelling experience and my existence of many years as a ‘foreigner’ in multi-racial multi-cultural societies, themes such as diversity and identity are very close to my heart. Many of my works are a celebration of the positive power of cultures and colours, mixing, juxtaposing and blending elements from different worlds. I love surprises, unexpectedness.

I welcome commissions, which I consider as exciting artist/client collaboration. My artworks are in public/corporate/private collections in South Africa, Japan, Australia, Greece, UK and USA, among others.

In addition to being a full-time visual artist, I am also an author, book translator and martial art instructor with a Ph.D. in international relations. My book translations include Nelson Mandela’s Conversations with Myself and Zelda la Grange’s Good Morning Mr Mandela into Japanese. I was founding programme director of the Centre for Japanese Studies, University of Pretoria, and serve as an adviser to Tears of the African Elephant, a Japanese NPO.



アーティストのかたわら、翻訳家、物書き、太極拳・琉球古武術イントラクターなどとしても活動。訳書に『ネルソン・マンデラ 未来を変える言葉』、『ネルソン・マンデラ 私の愛した大統領』など。国際関係学博士、英語教授法修士。元プレトリア大学日本研究センター、プログラムディレクター。NPO「アフリカゾウの涙」顧問。日本語ブログ「ペンと絵筆inアフリカ」。



  • Ethiopia: Photographic Exhibition  RCHCC, Johannesburg, opening on 4 March 2018
  • Wild at Heart  カフェナベ (café NABE), Tokyo 2016
  • Masako Osada Solo Exhibition  Friends of Talent, Johannesburg 2016
  • Trans-Culture  みじんこ (Mijinco), Tokyo 2015
  • East Meets Africa II  Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg 2013
  • Distant Mirror: 100 Years of Japan and South Africa  Japanese School, Johannesburg 2010
  • East Meets Africa  State Theatre, Pretoria 2010
  • The colours of a nation and other stories  Alliance Française, Johannesburg 2009
  • Icescapes  Antarctic Club, Cape Town 2007


  • Julie Miller Investment Art Institute, Midrand 2017
  • Julie Miller Investment Art Institute, Midrand 2016
  • SoMa Art+Space, Johannesburg 2016
  • David Krut Projects, Johannesburg 2016
  • Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg 2014
  • Martucci Gallery, Irvington, New York 2012
  • Vélo Gallery, Johannesburg 2011
  • Medi-Spa, Cape Town 2011
  • Harper College, Chicago, Michigan 2011
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winora, Minnesota 2011
  • Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg 2011
  • Absolute Gallery, Lansing, Michigan 2011
  • Artisan Renovations, Beaverton, Oregon 2011
  • Atelier 6000, Bend, Oregon 2011
  • Pacific Northwest Collage of Art, Portland, Oregon 2011
  • Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg 2008
  • Cape Gallery, Cape Town 2007
  • Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg 2006
  • Johannesburg College of Education 2003
  • Gallery 111.3, Johannesburg, 2001
  • Johannesburg Art Foundation 2000
  • Johannesburg Art Foundation 1999

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