Dogs and Cats in Georgia, September-October 2022

In Georgia, you can’t walk a street without bumping into friendly dogs. They are all over. Cities and villages alike.

Many have ear tags, indicating that they have been vaccinated and neutered. Most look healthy and well fed but often dirty. These are street dogs, communal dogs, not stray dogs.

Pet dogs don’t have ear tags. They are clean and groomed. In big cities, they walk on the lead with their owners.

You see many cats too, but it’s not easy to tell free spirits from pets because cats don’t have ear tags and because they all look healthy, well fed and well groomed (cats are excellent self-groomers).

Perhaps it’s not too bad to live as a street dog or cat in Georgia.






Cat sleeping on the roof of a vegetable shop. Tbilisi, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022
Posh dog on his human’s lap. Tbilisi, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022
Receptionist at a tour operator. Tbilisi, September 2022
Dog ignoring tourists. Jvari Monestary, Mtskheta, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022
Tbilisi, September 2022. I’ve never seen so many dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye in any other country.
Cat grooming herself between a car and the pavement. Tbilisi, September 2022
Two young cats at a church. Tbilisi, September 2022
Erekle II is a bustling narrow pedestrian street full of tourists and restaurants. This dog cannot care less about being in the way. Tbilisi, September 2022
Cat resting on the lawn next to the busy pavement where a street festival is taking place. Tbilisi, September 2022
Bookseller assistant. Tbilisi, October 2022
Dogs in Tbilisi can happily sleep in the middle of busiest noisiest pedestrian streets. Tbilisi, October 2022
First his head stuck out behind the wall. Then he decided to watch us more carefully. Mestia, October 2022
Let’s hope nobody will open the door from inside. Mestia, October 2022
There are many huge and gentle dogs in Svaneti. Somebody put red paint on this boy. Ushguli, October 2022
This girl was showing us around the village and was disappointed when we didn’t follow her to the hill. Ushguli, October 2022
Hello there. Ushguli, October 2022
Construction supervisor. Mestia, October 2022
Hotel receptionist. Kutaisi, October 2022
Receptionist at Art Salon-Studio Kon-Tiki, Tbilisi, October 2022
Sales assistant at Art Salon-Studio Kon-Tiki, Tbilisi, October 2022. I bought two lithographs with her help.
Cat under the roof. Tbilisi, October 2022
Am I not cute? Tbilisi, October 2022
Cat licking herself, as they do. Tbilisi, October 2022

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